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Live and online driving courses in Miami-Dade and Broward counties

online driving coursesIs it nerve-wracking every time your teenager gets behind the wheel of your car? A National Driving & Traffic School has been assisting prospective drivers since 1996. We combine hands-on training, verbal communication and written materials to help drivers better understand the rules of the road. Our instructors are accustomed to dealing with nervous drivers as well as adults who are seeking their driver’s license for the very first time. All of our instructors have a personal interest in helping those who wish to obtain a driver’s license and will do everything possible to make it a pleasant and comfortable experience. We are able to provide bilingual instruction to accommodate our Spanish-speaking students as well.

live driving coursesOur primary mission is to help our students become safe drivers by learning the highest possible driving standards through competent training. A National Driving & Traffic School offers several training and learning options, such as teen and adult packages, classroom courses, online classes and hands-on driving programs. Our vehicles are dual-controlled, allowing for additional safety during practice lessons. For more information on classroom courses or to register onlinecontact us at 305-895-6799 and our staff will gladly assist you.

Florida eight-hour intermediate and aggressive driver improvement – judge ordered 

Drug and alcohol classes

Four-hour BDI (basic driver improvement) class

12-hour advanced driver improvement